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Discover the Wonders of Traverse City through a Boat Tour

Immerse yourself in the picturesque beauty of Traverse City with a private boat tour from Two Brothers Sailing Adventures. Whether you're looking for a relaxing excursion or an educational experience, there are multiple captivating options to choose from as you traverse (pun intended!) through this unique lakefront area.

Rent a Crewed Sailboat and Explore Grand Traverse Bay

Take in the beauty of Traverse City from the water with a one-of-a-kind sailing boat tour. Marvel at gorgeous waterfront views and learn about the history and culture that make this area so unique. Your captain will guide you to West End Beach, Clinch Park, the Maritime Center, and many more places to see and visit.

Book your Two Brothers Sailing Adventures 2-Hour Boat Tour Here.

Tour the Beach Houses of Old Mission Peninsula on Your Way to Power Island

Traverse City is home to one of the most picturesque islands in all of Michigan, Power Island. Climb aboard your boat tour and cruise to Power Island to experience breathtaking scenes in and around the island. Enjoy discovering the rich views and exploring the bluffs, coves, beaches, and wildlife of Power Island that is a perfect example of this magical region.

Book your 5-hour Power Island Tour Here.

Witness Breathtaking Sunsets on your Journey Around the Bay

On a Traverse City boat tour with Two Brothers Sailing Adventures, experience the colorful beauty of sunsets in ways you've never seen them before. Search the expanse of majestic hillsides and shimmering waters as the sun begins to hang low in the sky revealing impatient stars. Your captain will expertly navigate through sweeping views of water, land, and sky as you take in timeless visions that exemplify this incredible region.

Book your 2-Hour Sunset Tour Here.

Cruise for Adventure and Relaxation

One of the greatest things about Two Brothers Sailing Adventures' Traverse City boat tours is that they take you past some of the most popular (and also some of the most secluded) beaches in Michigan. Bryant and Clinch Park beaches are family favorites. On West End beach you can find your own afternoon slice of sand. For a tucked away picnic, let us take to the beaches of Power Island or its little neighbor, Bassett Island. From scenic shores to groves of Maple, Beech, and White Pine along the shores, take it all in as your captain takes you through this timeless region of pure beauty. Watch for wildlife along the way and soak up the soothing sounds of lapping waves and wind in the sails. Relaxation meets adventure on an unforgettable voyage with Two Brothers Sailing Adventures.

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